CoCr Racing Propellers are individually, hand crafted from the wax pattern through to the final balancing and sharpening. Every propeller is custom made to order from durable Cobalt Chrome. Propellers are constructed with either a 3/16 hub or a ΒΌ hub at your discretion. All propellers come balanced, razor sharp and ready to race.

Our technicians pride themselves on crafting the propellers to the highest standard and in doing so never compromise quality, which means we do have a lead time of between four to eight weeks before the propeller is posted.

We offer a range of different propeller styles which are available for all engine and hull types. Below are our most popular styles but be sure to email us for confirmation of availability of other styles.



TH1 series- Suitable for sport hydro, rigger and scale hydro

SIM3 series- suitable for mono or cat

CC3 series- Suitable for rigger or sport hydro

AC1 series- Suitable for cat or mono