About us


CoCr Racing Propellers owner and operator, Peter Duggan, has been involved in model boating ever since he made his first monohull out of plywood when he was ten years old. With a fascination for the way water flows and the ability to make a boat go fast, it was inevitable Peter would become involved with the manufacturing of propellers.

Peter first recognised his potential in the propeller industry, when he began training as a dental technician in 1981. Recognising that his new skills would come in handy for building propellers, he immediately applied them to the manufacture of Cobalt Chrome model boat propellers. From there, Peter began making his own propellers in Cobalt Chrome and overtime realised the great advantages of the material for propeller construction. Word began to spread and before long Peter had local boaters asking him to make propellers for them.

Now the whole world seems to be starting to catch on that Cobalt Chrome is the best alloy available for model boat racing and the sport alike. This year alone, Peter has been able to forge a strong relationship with Dave Pillado from Redwood City California. In doing so, the pair have been able to streamline the provision of CoCr Racing Propellers to the US to keep costs at a minimum. Dave has become an integral part of the CoCr business and the ‘go to guy’ for CoCr Racing Propellers in America.