At CoCr Racing Propellers we give model powerboats the edge they need to win races. We manufacture new, model boat propellers that are specifically designed for racing. Our propellers have become so popular that model boat enthusiasts around the world are taking notice.
Our propellers are crafted from arguably the best material available, Cobalt Chrome. This material is perfect for the construction of model powerboat propellers, as it can be thinned and honed to a razors edge. While it can be cut super thin, the great thing about the Cobalt Chrome is it still remains strong enough to hold its original shape, even with the revs that model boat motors are now capable of producing. Another advantage of the Cobalt Chrome is that it doesn’t corrode, even in salt water.The propellers we manufacture are all hand crafted with the finest workmanship.

We can improve your already modified propellers by duplicating and them in durable Cobalt Chrome. The technique we have developed allows us to make new propellers from a single blade of the original. This means we can reproduce heavily damaged propellers or a propeller that has thrown a blade, saving you time and effort. We have found this is very handy for racers who have hit something whilst running and still have one good blade left.We endeavour to build the propellers in good time and at a realistic price.Propellers can be made with either a 3/16 or ΒΌ inch hub and all come sharpened, balanced and ready to race.


CoCr Racing Propellers accepts payment in PayPal, direct payment, cheque or money order. Payment is requested when your propellers have been started and propellers are posted when payment has cleared. Time of completion varies between propellers, as they are individually hand crafted from scratch and some require more time than others.